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Custom Automation Process Workflow

Our solutions are custom to meet your budgets, adhere to your time-lines,  to achieve your goals and the most importantly,ultimately to help your business succeed and grow, both now and in the future.

Robotic is a core of future manufacturing which is a key part of replacing repetitive manual operation. Robotic integration is a critical element at SEI intelligence. With our expertise and simulation process, We can help you to analyze the product process and plan the right application and deliver a promising solution for you.

Robotic Integration

What Is Robotic And Robotic Automation/Integration?

Robotics integration uses robotic systems in strategic areas to perform automated tasks.Robotic integrators like SEI analyze your manufacturing process whether is end of line packing process, material handling process, inspection process, assembly process, or welding process, to find which area could be improved or upgraded, and implement suitable automation to those area, in order to improve your manufacturing.

End Of Line Packing Process

Material Handling Process

Inspection Process

Assembly Process

Welding Process

What We Can Do

Custom automation service

No matter what industry you from and what kind of product you have. Whether your demand are boosting capacity or addressing a quality control issue or lights-out system providing full automation production line. You have specific requirements, its our mission to fulfill it.


SEI offers efficient customize service and high-performance solutions to suit your needs.

Extensive experience

Decades of experience in automation solutions for multiple application.

Customize Service

Customize design for your manufacturing upgraded needs. 

Global service

Work engineering partners around the world, 24h/7days always online for your needs.





Competitive cost

Guaranteed investment return rate with high performance.

Clear Competitive Advantages

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Our Strength

Expertise in various industry

We has worked with world-class leading brand for decades, with extensive experience of assembly solutions, from a wide ranging scope in various industries: automotive accessories, surgical medical devices, house-appliance , to virtually every consumer product imaginable. 

Competitive price

We can help you creates a high-performance and efficient assembly solutions that increase productivity and address quality control issue. With a perfect engineering team SEI directly cooperates with customers to reduce the intermediate link cost. In the same level of customize equipment, We are more affordable and more sensitive to capital budget targets and ensuring a ROI. 

Global service for you needs 

We has cooperated with over 10 qualify local service team for after-sale and commissioning service support across Europe, Asia and North America. Headquarter based in China, has 24/7 online service for your post-sale consulting.

Fast delivery

We has perfect systematic design, remarkable engineering team and international production process, fast program customization cycle.On-time delivery is our promise.

Confidentiality system

With a strict confidentiality system,We have more secure system in confidentiality and handling of customer’s intellectual property.

We strictly select high-quality raw materials to create industrial automation products with good quality, high efficiency and long lifespan for customers.

Quality guarantee