The Service Throughout The Entire Llife Cycle Of The Automation Solution

When designing your custom machine or automatic production line for consumer products, automotive parts, and .etc, we think way more than just the design and assembly of your automation system.
SEI Support & Services are comprehensive and support you throughout the entire life cycle of your automation solution. Take advantage of a custom service package that is the perfect fit for your custom machine, your production line, and your production environment. With the industrial 4.0 concept, you can also use digital services that substantially simplify and speed up your operating and maintenance processes.、
What sets us apart: the personal support from specialists with in-depth technical training and years of experience – from the headquarters in China to our locations and sales & service partners around the world. They ensure the reliable operation and maximum availability of your automation solution. For highly productive production – throughout the entire service life of the machine and beyond.

Steps Toward a Custom 

To provide optimal solutions for your production, SEI teams will thorough the entire process, from design all the way to commissioning your system on-site. Supreme service and professional technical support would guarantee the best performance of your custom system 
We will conduct feasibility analyses, design intelligent/ flexible design of your production line. SEI account manager would be a central contact person throughout all the project steps with you, so your questions and problems will be responded to promptly. 
To make things easier for you, we also offer your custom system a turn-key service. Our comprehensive services, which include documentation, training, technical support, maintenance, automation, and online spare parts ordering, ensure the reliable, smooth, and efficient operation of your custom automation system. we develop needs-based and high-performance an optimum custom solution for you.

Installation & Commissioning

Custom automation systems, standard procedures

 All the cases in SEI are a custom design that is one of a kind and customized according to your specifications. After it has been installed and accepted in the SEI factory side (factory acceptance test/FAT), the required adjustments are made while you can approve product materials for production. Then we disassembly the system and packed it up for shipment, to your plant, and set it up. After setting up the system in your factory, we do test runs and prepare everything for the site acceptance test (SAT) – in accordance with contractually defined criteria. The acceptance is documented in a detailed protocol. You will have it in writing in the technical agreement that your automation solution works as designed.

Our installation & commissioning services summary:
•    Machine acceptance (FAT) at SEI
•    Machine dis-assembly and transportation
•    Setup on-site by the expert team
•    Machine acceptance with a detailed protocol(SAT)
•    Start-up support including training for your personnel and production support


Fully training for recognizing and maintenance machine 

For custom machines, besides the machine design, the training part is the most important part of the service. SEI believes that fully training and recognized machine functionality potential are critical for the customer team.  Our training service will help your team to build up a knowledge system of machine functionality and configuration. 
An experienced training team will convey a complete training concept. From a system design theory and practice, your employees will acquire applicable skills right away. To guarantee the routine and productive operation of the machines and greater operational reliability.


Our training services summary:
•    Basic training: Before and during the acceptance process
•    Start-up-training: By a service technician after commissioning
•    Machine- maintenance training: After setup, It is based on the basic training and the maintenance manual guide of the machine.
•    Machine-specific Advanced: Requirement-oriented content with training at the supplementing components and custom training materials.

Techinical Support

We are always here for you!-  Via Hotline, Online or On-site


Machine stability and high performance are critical to production. Therefore, when having machine downtime which is important to solve the problem as soon as possible. SEI Hotline service can provide you a fast response and competent support. The hotline will directly connect you with our specialist who can help you with your inquiries and forward them to the engineering team. And they will access the machine control system if is needed. These will help you to solve all problems right away.
If the problem can only be fixed on-site, we will immediately schedule a service appointment. We will first prepare any required spare parts and schedule the repair appointment so that we will minimize the effect on your production. The service appointments are coordinated by the headquarters in China or our local service partner around the world.

Our technical support services in general:
•    Phone support on the service hotline
•    Online support via the Internet or the machine's internal network
•    Visualize global meeting or audio support 
•    Coordination of service appointments including material and personal scheduling
•    Repair and maintenance on-site



1.How long for the project assessment and first version of proposal can be provide?

Depends on the project scale, usually is within 15days. 

2.How long for the project delivery?

Depends on the project scale, usually is within 15days. 

3.Can you provide previous project video?

Due to the confidentiality between SEI and client, Video cannot be sent via internet, but we can offer reference when you visit us, or we travel visit your company.

4. How to collect the technical information from customer?

SEI has standard information collection form for technical details. After the first-round feedback from customer, SEI engineering team will provide pending question for further assessment. 

5. Is that possible to send engineer on-site for technical assessment?

Depends on the project scale. If it is needed, we can arrange the engineer to travel for more details.