10 Axis Combined type welding station for automotive door interior

Industry:  Automotive

Technical capability:

Robotic integration
Welding application
Vision application
Inspection& Testing


Our customer requested That this welding station Needs to be more flexible And fully-automatic.As the product welding positions are variety. Some of the welding position is hard to assess.


According to the product design, we found out that the welding positions are multiple angel which were over the six axis robot capability, but our customer request to have a system to do the fully-automatic welding process for the door interior. For that, we came up with the solutions that can meet the requirement. We had integrate the six axis robot with ultra-sonic welding, and custom design the mold base which can be rotate for 4 axis, in this process, we also integrated the vision system for welding positioning, as the  welding process request high accuracy.

Results and benefits:

The system perfectly meet customer’s requirement and production needs.

Innovation and flexible design of 10 axis integration,which fully cover the product range.