Automotive/car door welding and assembling line


The line was built on 6 stand alone station which included: welding station, punching station, heating station, pressing station, inspection station. Welding station was integrate with Motorman robot and high frequency welding system to finish the car door edge welding process. Then the punching station integrate with Keyence vision system to ensure the position accuracy. The heating station would maintain the temperature in certain degree to make sure the heating process. Then the pressing station with our own design pressing mold and hydraulic pressure system to ensure the pressure on the door.

Final step, is for inspection system,which integrate with Keyence vision system and senor to do the appearance check, and each station has RIDF card to upload the production data on the cloud for real time monitor.

 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time120s/pcs70s/pcs
Description1.Manually welding parts, high working force,

2. Unstable quality, lack of product inspection,  
1.Fully-automation, only manually loading     parts

2.Machine will inspect the appearence automaticlly , and welding quality more reliable. 


This system helps custom massive improve productivity and quality rate.

And also can flexible fit with future product design by designing other mold and additional mechanical structure for upgrading.

Perfectly reach customer’s needs on ROI, high output rate and quality rate.