Hi, we’re SEI Intelligence, an automation company. We are experts at industrial custom automation. With decades of experience. We design,  build and integrate systems to deliver the most suitable solutions, also we specialize in customized engineering solutions, non-standard robotics and automation equipment that improve manufacturing performance for companies.

We custom-design, build and integrate systems for all industries and products.

Our Capability

SEI designs and builds customize automation and integrates system for customers around the world.

Custom automation

SEI has decades of experience in automation solutions spans from Assembly,Welding, Dispensing, Inspection, to Packaging, and Material handling.

Extensive experience

SEI provides one stop turnkey solution from standalone machinery to complete production line automation for all kinds industries.

Turnkey solution

SEI has engineering partners around the North America, Europe, and Asia. 24h/7days online for your needs.

Global service

Industries We Serve

We are automation company that apply the latest technology, innovative design,premium customer-service, and decades of experience to our work developing custom automation solutions for global industry.

Extensive experience

Decades of experience in automation solutions for multiple application.

Customize Service

Customize design for your manufacturing upgraded needs. 

Global service

Work engineering partners around the world, 24h/7days always online for your needs.





Competitive cost

Guaranteed investment return rate with high performance.

Clear Competitive Advantages

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Company Introduction

Guangzhou SEI INTELLIGENCE Co.,Ltd established on December 2011, which located in Panyu district, Guangzhou City. SEI is an automation company which focus on custom automation, industrial automation production solutions design, production and sales, professional to provide customers with complete robot systems and integrated automation solutions.

Projects widely used in Automotive accessories, 3C (automobile, communication, electronic), hardware, home appliances (rice cooker, switch, air conditioner) etc., the main automated process are: assembly line, packaging line, metal stamping, loading and unloading processing, palletizing, handling, etc.

SEI has setup an R&D office in Japan and work with local company to share the engineering solution. Total employee from SEI is about 100, and R&D team is about 30 employees.  

Custom Automation Process Workflow

Our solutions are custom to meet your budgets, adhere to your time-lines,  to achieve your goals and the most importantly,ultimately to help your business succeed and grow, both now and in the future.

What's The Difference Between SEI And Other Integrators?

Q: How many and what type       

      of engineers are on staff?

 A: SEI is a full-service automation integrator, SEI engineering team has total 35 staff, includes mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers and after-service engineers. SEI engineering team are specialize in industrial design, control and robotic.

Q: Are they outsourcing the 

      engineering design to

      an OEM/ODM?

 A: Many integrators are subcontract the design to other suppliers or part-time engineers. Or just sale agency for manufacturer. SEI has full engineering staff who are experience of industrial custom design.

Q: Do they have an In-house

      machining workshop?

 A: SEI has full control of every part of the system, and we have in-house machining workshop which has cover 80% of machining part for the machine.

Q: How they can support

      your project?

 A: SEI has 24h/7day online free consultant, and after-sale service support. For local service, we have local service partners around Europe, North America and Asia, ensure you can get the support immediately.

Our Customer & Global Footprint

Our customers are not only over China, but also exported to North America , Europe and Southeast Asia and Africa.