Hot Viet Welding Machine For Automobile door panel

Automotive door panels and other interior trim parts are mostly made by riveting, but in the current automotive industry, automotive door panel welding machine could not competent for multiple locations at the same time in efficiency, so many manufacturers will order special automotive door panel hot riveting machine.  The following will give you a detailed explanation of the car door hot riveting machine. Just learn with us.


Auto door panel hot riveting welding machine is an automatic plastic hot riveting welding equipment, is specially designed and manufactured for PE, PP, nylon, ABS and other plastic parts or irregular plastic workpiece welding material.  After welding with this equipment, the connecting part of the workpiece is not easy to embrittlement, more beautiful, good firming, good sealing, and can achieve the effect of water tight and air tight, greatly improve the performance of the overall component, the overall structure of impact resistance.  Especially suitable for car door panel, car side panel, car lights, car decorative board, car dashboard, car rain board, car friction strip, car clothing rack and other car plastic parts welding. 

Automobile door panel hot riveting machine is a non-standard machine, according to the requirements of different specifications of riveting product, customized, could design variety of different angles,  also could fusion, riveting, riveting point, riveting, welding and other processes in the same time.


The characteristic of Hot Rivet Welding Machine for Automobile Door Panel:

1.Use PLC computer control system,Safety and connect action.

2.High precision linear slide structure, high speed, high efficiency, and built-in various protection systems 

3.Suitable for various sizes of welding mold and different design mold, according to the size of different plastic parts to set the heating power and mold size to achieve a variety of plastic workpiece welding, simple operation, convenient .

4.Automatic multiple riveting at the same time, saving labor and saving production costs, environmental protection and clean, high production efficiency, good product consistency, hot riveting beautiful and firming.