Multi-axis Automatic Screw Locking Machine

Locking screw machine is widely used in manufacturing and processing industry of automotive parts,electronic appliance,instruments and other industries, But as different enterprise produce products in different syles,the demand also different of them. So the multi-axis automatics screw locking machine is a non-standard automation equipment. Today, we would like to share the Multi-axis Automatic Screw Locking Machine for you.


Automation screw locking machine is though pneumatic and PLC techinology to achieve automatic operation, comprehensively improve the production efficiency of products,reduce cost for customers,ensure the quality of products,create the higher profits. Multi-axis screw locking machine mainly composed by screw automatic conveying system,PLC intelligence system,lock screw mechanism,electrical control system and so on.Muiti-axis screw automic locking machine is based on the product screw position hole and number of product screws for one-time lock,and then by the automatic feeding system for feeding,so as to achieve automatic production.

The advantages of multi-sxis automatic screw locking machine:

1.It could complete sew screws for locking in the same time, can replace many workers,the numbers of axis could be customized according to the customer requirpments.

2.The equioment could automatically complete the product transmissons, positioning,screw discharge and screw feeding.

3.The equipment could automatically judge whether the screw is locked properly by itself, and the machine will give an alarm if there is any defective product,which is convenient to distinguish defective products.

4.The equipment simple and practical, operator only needs to do simple operations.

5.Machine shaft position and height could be judged,could suitible for different products,could cooperate the production line to achieve automatic operation.


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