10 Axis Combined type welding station for automotive door interior


Machine is human to machine type, operator side and welding side working in the same time. Operator side setting and placing the parts into the mold, and welding side using super-sonic welding the parts, when process finished, these two postion will switch, then operator will take the final part of the machine and put the next one into the mold.  Machine can fit with two parts for plane mode, four parts for solid mode.

According to the product design, we found out that the welding positions are multiple angel which were over the six axis robot capability, but our customer request to have a system to do the fully-automatic welding process for the door interior. For that, we came up with the solutions that can meet the requirement. We had integrate the six axis robot with ultra-sonic welding, and custom design the mold base which can be rotate for 4 axis, in this process, we also integrated the vision system for welding positioning, as the  welding process request high accuracy.


PowerPhase 3 200V 50HZ
Control voltageControl powerDC24/
Main control unitPCL

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 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time75s/pcs35s/pcs
Description1.Manually welding parts

2.High working force, unstable quality.

3.Lack of product inspection.
1.Fully automation, only manually loading parts.

2.Machine will inspect the appearence     automaticlly.

3.welding quality more reliable.



1. Machine consist with 4 sets of AI robots,

2. 4 sets of super-sonic welding station, can plane rotation, and lift rotate automaticlly.

3. Reliable and high speed.