Wash machine and Oven assembly packaging line

Description This line is for roller washing machine parts assembly to end product includes inspection function. 

Machine mode, semi- automation, reduce 30 operators, and double productivity.

Improve the manual line to semi-automation. includes pallet rotation, auto-stop for whole line, and lift function, in this line finish all the assembly process for roller washing machine , also inspection, packaging and palletizing


Dimension                35570 L*8980 W*1250 H
Airpressure                0.4-0.6MPa
Power supply                380V/50Hz,                



 Data comparation 

Item            Manual mode            Machine mode            
Cycle time            30s/unit12s/unit 
Operator            353
Description            1.Low working effciency
2. highly labor force.
3. Unstable quality.
1. Integrated all process into one line
2. Highly productivity 


1. High working effciency

2. Machine can fit with wash machine and oven production, flexible design and easy maintian.                      3. Machine struction reliable, and easy assess.

4. Core parts are import from Japan, German. ensure the performance and long lifespan.