LED TV assembly ,inspecting and packaging line


This line is for LED TV assembly process, inspecting process,packaging process and material handling process.

The line can fit with 32"TV to 65" TV production, the whole line has 45 stations for TV assembly, (front cover, back cover assembly, main body assembly) , screen funcitional testing, TV repair line, packaging line. 


Power supplySingle phaseAC220V 50HZ
Control poweroutputAC220V/50HZ、DC24/inner



 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time35s/pcs15s/pcs
Description1. Low working effciency
2. highly labor force.
3. Unstable quality.
1. Integrated all process into one line.
2. High woking effciency


1. Reliable structure and design, long lifespan, and high safety standard.

2. Core parts are import from Japan, German. ensure the performance and long lifespan.