Automated packaging line for pharmaceutical granules

Industry: Medical and Pharmaceutical

Technical capability:

Material handling solutions
Data tractability application
Packaging solutions


Pharmaceutical customer requested this line for Pharmaceutical granules packed bag process, and should includes: weight check for each bag, bags packing, box forming, bag data code and box data printing, data tracing, date code inspecting, sealing boxes.

For the production requirements, needs reduce 90% labor and improve productivity about 40%.


According to the customer’s requirement, we designed a line with high speed and fully-automated type. The whole system integrated with weight check system and bar code system from Keyence ,and custom design for the bag packing, box forming and other station to complete the line functionality.

Results and benefits:

Fully-automated line helps customer reduce 98% labor and operation cost.

High speed production mode, has improve output rate about 200%, compare to semi-auto mode.

Product quality rate massive improve and stable performance.

Data tractability helps customer monitor the production line in real time and improve

The production performance.