Automotive gearbox material handling project

Industry: Automotive

Technical capability:

Material handling solutions
Robotic integration
Vision application


Customer requested the system should cover gearbox material loading,material feeding, gearbox product pickup,and gearbox product unloading processes.All the processes need to be fully-automated.


We custom design the conveyor system According to customer’s layout.The conveyor system directly connect to the

Warehouse for material feeding process and Gearbox end product unloading process.For that, we created a double layer conveyor system, the upper layer is for material feeding, the second layer is for end product unloading back to warehouse. Both will connect to the robot side for material handling process.We found out there are a cycle gap for gearbox assembly and for the ROI consideration.We designed the system that one six axis robot cover two working stations, and the robot would mount on the rail for movement. Therefore, one robot would take care of 4 movements in one station.

Results and benefits:

The system helps customer massive improve the productivity and reduce 98% operators.

Fully-automated system decrease the operation cost and labor force intensity.

Increasing production safety rate and stability.