Automotive Differential material handling project

Industry: Automotive

Technical capability:

Material handling solutions


This system was developed to reach customer’s request to design a line that could assemble and inspect the intake manifold.


We custom designed the Whole system, all the mechanisms are custom design.The system includes, material feeding position, and conveyor system for moving to next station, for sorting process. As this system should configure with 3 type of differential parts. For that, on the sorting station, we created three line for different parts, the sorting system will sort the part and move it to the correct line for next process.After sorting, parts will move to rotating station to rotate 180degree, then move out of the machine to next process.

Results and benefits:

Before implement this system, these processes were manual operation, which is low efficiency and has serious quality issue during sorting process and rotating process.

After using this system, truly helps customer save 98% labor cost, reduce work force intensity and operation cost, as well as the massive improvement of productivity and quality rate.