Six axis robotic dispensing and pressing station for car head liner

Machine is use for the gluing and assembly process between sponge and the frame from vehicle. Operator place the parts, then the gluing gun automaticlly gluing the parts, then swich to the second position, rotate the parts manually for pressing process.   

Station has Motorman six axis robot integrated with dispensing system and vision system. The mold base has custom design with pressing mechanism. Robot will move to the position which need to be glue, in the meantime, the vision system will local the part, and ensure the gluing accuracy. After dispensing process, the pressing mechanism will automatic close and press the product, to make sure these two part would stick together.


Power supplyhree phase AC380V 50-60HZ
Control powerDC24V


 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time75s/pcs30s/pcs
Description1. Low working effciency,
2. each process is isolated
3. highly labor force.
4. Unstable quality.
1. Integrated all process into one line,semi-automation, manually loading parts only.
2. Robot automatic working, gluing stable, ensure product quality, and improve working effciency up to 70%



1.High working effciency, productitivty has improve 50%. 

2.This line is semi-automation line,flixiable fit with multiple product, and compact layout.

3.Core parts are import from Japan, German. ensure the performance and long lifespan.