Non-Oven/Facial/Cotton/ Paper Tissue V/Z folding machine


Non-Oven/Facial/Cotton/ Paper Tissue V/Z folding machine use for fabric folding process. This machine can fit with Non-oven fabric, Cotton fabric and Paper as well. The whole working process as following: Manually loading the fabric roll to the machine, then the mahcine will feeding the fabric to the next position , then roll guiding, the mechanism will folding the fabric automaticlly. Finally, the folded fabric will in the exit and ready to the next process.


Dimension                2500mm×2190mm×2338mm
Airpressure                0.4-0.6MPa
Power supply                380V/50Hz,                
Control power                DC24V;                
Weight                DC24V;                


 Data comparation 

Item            Manual mode            Machine mode            
Cycle time            800pcs/min800pcs/min
Operator            101
Description            1.Low working effciency
2. highly labor force.
3. Unstable quality.

1. Highly productivity

2. Labor saving 

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1.Automatic feeding, cutting, and folding.                                                                                      2.Using screw cutting set, easy adjust the cutter.

3. High speed folding, low defect rate

4.Flixible adjust the dimension for different kind of product.

5.cutter long lifespan, low noise. Cutter touch the fabric only in one spot.