Facial/Cotton/Non-woven tissue/fabric cutting machine


Facial/Cotton/Non-woven tissue/fabric cutting machine use for cutting the folded tissue/fabric which is come from the tissure array machine or Folding Array integrated machine. This machine has one coveyor belt, the motor will drive the belt and move the fabric/tissue forward to the center. Then the cutter will cutoff the fabric/tissue with the certain dimension. 


Dimension                4390mm×1380mm×1800mm
Airpressure                0.4-0.6MPa
Power supply                380V/50Hz,                
Control power                DC24V;                
Weight                500kg;                



 Data comparation 

Item            Manual mode            Machine mode            
Cycle time            50pcs/min120pcs/min 
Operator            101
Description            1.Low working effciency
2. highly labor force.
3. Unstable quality.

1. Highly productivity

2. Labor saving 



1. Fully automatic feeding, length setting, cutting, and finail product loading.                                    2. Suitable for facial tissue,Cotton tissue and  non-oven fabric etc.

3. Frequency conversion and servo control, to ensure the cutting percision, and ensure the cutting edage smoothly.                                                      

4.Automatic cutoff the waste in the front and in the end of the fabric, and loading out of the machine. Machine can integrated with feeding machine, folding machine and packing machine as one complete production line.

5. Reliable structure and design.