Differential assembly line


This machine is use for special purpose, mainly use for fasten edage reveting of  DIFF COMP differential pin. Machine is fully automatic design, parts automatic loading by using robot, edage reveting by using servo motor drive the rivet connection. After the rivet process will print an barcode on the part, then move to inspect position.  Greasing machine using oil pump supply, which includes antirust oil cycling system, cyclinder drive movement. Machine purpose is for parts greasing and antirust.


Power supply3 phase AC380V 50-60HZ
Control powerAC220V  50HZ、DC24/inner


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 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time160s/pcs90s/pcs
Description1. Low working effciency

2. High defect rate.
1. IFully Automatic design
2. Improve productivity about 70%, and defect rate reduce to 0.5%.
3. Machine automaticlly print barcode for tracing data, with vision system to do the inspection, and includes.  greasing system.



1. Highly automation, and productivity. Lower working force.

2. Can fit with multiple prodcut. Highly confuguration.

3. Inspection station can detect the process whether is normal, by using the positioning senor. 

4. Highly repeatability percision, and has self-diagnose function, when machine has alarm, system can self-check the get the self-troubleshooting back to normal.