Intake Manifold assIntake Manifold assembly and inspection line


The solution designed has include 13 stations/cells, which are, parts assembly

Screwing system, parts assemble pressing system, vacuum system for cleaning purpose, screw torsion inspection system, air-leak inspection system, flow press damage inspection system.

The intake manifold assembly needs multiple angel screwing, and request high accuracy. Therefore, we designed a screwing system which has 5 axis movement to meet product’s needs. After that, the part will move to next station for torsion inspection, each screw torsion data will be upload to cloud for real time monitor. And if system will alarm if torsion data is not qualify.

The workshop is dust-free room. For that, we integrated with the vacuum system to clean the station area, which will activate when the assembly station is working.

Our customer pursued extreme product quality. So the product inspection was the priority and crucial design in this line. As the acceptable defect rate is below than 0.2%. For that, we used vision system to make sure the position accuracy, and direction, and integrated with top-end brand in air-leak system into the line to meet the requirements.

 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time60s/pcs35s/pcs
Description1.Manually welding parts, high working force,

2. Unstable quality, lack of product inspection,  
1.Fully-automation, only manually loading     parts

2.Machine will inspect the appearence automaticlly , and welding quality more reliable. 



The biggest challenges were the high accuracy of product assemble and inspection.

Before implement this project in our customer side, the product was produce manually and cost lots of money on labor to keep the quality. But with our solution, help them grow their productivity, quality and reduce massive of labor cost.