New Energy Vehicle Battery Production Line

The topic of new energy vehicle market is getting hotter and hotter today,new energy vehicle battery is an important part in new energy vehicle,the demand of it also increase quickly,to satisfy the market demand and decrease the cost,many manufacturers will use new energy vehicle battery production line for the production line of lithium battery.Here we are honor to share the information of new energy lithium battery production line.


There are some disadvantages of traditional lithium battery production line,low efficiency, high production cost,low production efficiency,In this context,the new energy vehicle lithium battery production line is appeared.The line use robot skills to transform the equipment to complete the physical activity,packing automation and intelligent storage of lithium battery production process.the automation and intelligence degree will directly determine the competitiveness of lithium battery companies in the future,whoever has the high automation equipment for the production line, who will get the head start in the market.

The battery production line of new energy vehicles could successively carry out automatic code scanning,liquid injection,weight check,liquid filling,sealing,packing and so on,could make more automatization and high efficiency of assembly,could achieve efficient unmanned automatic production,greatly save the labor cost,improve the capacity, improve the high quality and yield rate, to maximum the benefit for clients.


The characteristics of new energy lithium production line:

1.could delivery materials quickly,detect and sort

2.Reduce production cost,increase output

3.Safety and standardization,simply production process

4.High Precision,high efficiency,serialization and high automation

5.Good consistency for produced lithium battery,high reliable safety performance and good pass-through rate


New energy vehicle battery production line, non-standard automatic production line is customize to generate,the user is only one, It’s not the flow of automatic system integration production line in the currently market,It is according to the specific use of the site,working characteristics and use of independent planning.



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