Automotive side panel welding robot

Automotive side panel welding robot is a work with much dust, high labor intensity,high operation skill,a long time with high labor intersity ,will make the artificial welding accuracy unstable,cause thewelding seam too thin,not full,welding depth defects.In order to solve the welding quality, labor intersity,working enviorment pain point, difficult problem ,many auto spare parts and auto makers will use automotive side panel welding robot to instead of weolding by labor,let welders get real liberation,also improve the production capacity and quality furtherly.here we have an chance to share some news for automotive side panel welding robot.


Automotive side panel robot is a sepcail equipment for welding automobile side panel accessories by ultrasonic welding.the following characteristics for your reference:

1.The welding robot machine is use for auto side welding, and the characteristics as for quick loading and unloading,simple opreation,strong visibility and high efficiency.

2.It use rotatable frame structure,the frame could rotate 360 degrees,greatly improve the working  range of welding robot.

3.The robot works above the workpieces, greatly decrease the floor place of the working station.

4.The welding robit machine works for automotive industriy.


It is obvious to check the improvement of welding efficiency and quality by using automotive side panel welding robit,A machine is equvalent to three skilled welding workers, also simple operation,It only need to input the related data into equipment, the robit will welding automatically,not only the working efficiency is three times of original manual welding,but also the workpiece with high precision,exquisite welding seam and high welding strength.Automotive side panel welding robit is an important measure for automobile manufacturing and component companies to promote intelligent manufacturing,It could help enterprises greatly reduce the rework rate,save employee’s working time, in the same time, also reduce the operating cost of welding operattion, which is the high-quality development of energy storage of enterprises.


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