Fully automatic packing machine for wet tissue/ cotton tissue/facial tissue


Machine use for connecting cutting machine, to pack the forming tissue.  Specfication 

Dimension                6180mm×1200mm×2200mm
Airpressure                0.4-0.6MPa
Power supply                380V/50Hz,                
Control power                DC24V;                
Weight                DC24V;                


 Data comparation 

Item            Manual mode            Machine mode            
Cycle time            20pcs/min80pcs/min 
Operator            81
Description            1.Low working effciency
2. highly labor force.
3. Unstable quality.

1. Highly productivity

2. Labor saving 

Fully automatic packing machine.png


1. Fully automatic feeding from the folding machine.                                                                        2. Suitable for tissue and non-oven fabric

3. High speed and high effciency, CT can reach 80 pack/min

4. Automatic collect waste design.

5. Automatic print data code and counting output.