Engine Cylinder cover material handling project for vehicle industry


According to the floor plan drawing from our customer, we found out that the line design has space limit, if it needs to cover all the process. For that, we design the line in the different way to make sure the line can cover all the process in certain space.

The line movement has integrate upward, downward and rotation function, which make parts movement more flexible, then the line has integrated with laser system to mark a code on the part, after that, each station has install the RDIF card for data tracing. In the final station, which has integrated with vision system for parts appearance inspection. Vision system will detect the defect part and move it out of the line automatically.

 Power specfication 

Power supplySingle phaseAC220V 50HZ
Control poweroutputAC220V/50HZ、DC24/inner


 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time20s/pcs10s/pcs
Description1. Low working effciency
2. highly labor force.
3. Unstable quality.
1. Integrated all process into one line.
2. High woking effciency



1. Reliable structure and design, long lifespan, and high safety standard.

2. Core parts are import from Japan, German. ensure the performance and long lifespan.