Wash machine/Oven assembly, inspection and packaging line
Industry: House appliance industry

Technical capability:

Material handling solutions
Assembly solutions
Packaging solutions
Robotic integration
Data tracing application


Customer requested the system should fit with two different product, wash machine and oven.Both products to be include assembly process, packaging process, data tractability, and inspection process.


We did the product assessment, to combine these two product into one line.As some of the station designed quick change for different product.The system includes assembly lines for wash machine base, main body, cover and inner roller. Those station could switch to oven assembly, include: oven cover assembly, oven main body assembly.Inspection line for both product are integrated, which has different interface for inspection for different product.And the packaging line flexible fit with two product shape for box forming, product packing process. And also quick change for robot tooling for palletizing.

Results and benefits:

Flexible production design not only massive improve productivity, but also save lots production space and operation cost.

Reliable and stable production performance making customer and employee happier.

Real-time production monitor and data tracing truly transform the production mode to 4.0 smart factory.