Machining part cleaning and material handling line

Industry: Automotive

Technical capability:

Robotic integration
Cleaning solution
Vision application


Customer requested This line should Includes machining Parts cleaning, drying,Greasing, and material Handling for part feeding and unloading. Fully-automatic design and high speed.


We custom design the cleaning and drying machine for the machining part, and integrated with six axis robot for material handling( feeding part).

The six axis robot integrated with vision system to identify the parts location, then pickup the part place into the machine for next process.

The machine has three different station,first the part would in the cleaning process, which is using the mid-pressure water to clean the parts. Then move to the next station for drying which is using hot wind type drying. The last step is to do the greasing, in the greasing station there are 12 stations for the parts to do the greasing. We had use the sensor which could greasing the part in certain ration of oil. To avoid any waste and ensure the quality. After all the processes in the machine, the part will move back to the robot station for unloading.

Results and benefits:

Output rate improve about 45% and so as the quality rate.

Operation fee and production waste were reduced significantly.