LED TV assembly ,inspecting and packaging line
Industry: House appliance industry

Technical capability:

Material handling solutions
Assembly solutions
Packaging solutions
Robotic integration
Data tracing application


The system was design for LED TV Assembly, inspection, and packaging Production needs. Production data should upload to the Cloud for real-time monitor.The line should fit with 32"TV to 65" TV production.


The whole line consist of 45 stations includes :TV assembly, (front cover, back cover assembly, main body assembly) , screen functional testing, TV repair line, packaging line, and the Conveyor system.Each station has install RFID card to upload data to the cloud for real-time monitor.The layout is about 5000mmL* 2500mmW. The assembly lines include: front cover, back cover assembly, main body assembly.The packaging line includes box forming process, TV packing process, taping process, and palletize process.

Results and benefits:

The system helps customer to improve output rate up to 60%.

Data tractability helps customer real-time monitor the production, and reduce the operation cost.

Massive improvement of product quality and customer satisfaction.