Automotive brakes material handling to CNC machine project

Industry: Automotive

Technical capability:

Material handling solutions
Robotic integration
Vision application


Customer requested the system could loading and unloading the brake fully-automatic. And the cycle time should Same as the CNC Machine maximum cycle Time.


Customer plant has space limit and high safety regulation. For that, we create a different solution for this project, we integrated the six axis robot upside down, which mean mount the robot on the top of the CNC machine frame, to save the space, then we custom design a feeding system to feed the brake. The feeding system has double layers, the first layer is to feed the brake to the machine side, then the six robot will pickup the brake by senor positioning detection, then place into the CNC machine, in the meanwhile the vision camera will double check the position is it correct. After the machining process, robot will pickup the brake from the CNC machine, then place it on the second layer of the feeder to return the finished brake to the certain position wait for pickup.

Results and benefits:

With this system, customer massive improve the productivity and maximum utilize the CNC machine functionality.

Beside that, the system truly helps customer to save the labor cost and labor force intensity.

The brake quality rate has been increase and reliable production mode making win-win situation for both customer side and manufacturing side.