Six axis robotic dispensing station for front and rear lamp


We designed the station integrated the

Six axis robot with dispensing system and vision system

Which is mounting on the top. Then custom design mold bases for the front lamp

And rear lamp.

Vision system will helps robot move to the correct location for dispensing.

And the dispensing system has ration function, will dispense the position with accurate ration of glue.


Cyctle time35s/pcs
Power specPhase 3 200V 50HZ
Control voltageControl powerDC24
Main control unitPCL

 Data comparation 

ItemManual modeMachine mode
Cycle time60s/pcs35s/pcs
Description1.Manually welding parts, high working force,

2. Unstable quality, lack of product inspection,  
1.Fully-automation, only manually loading     parts

2.Machine will inspect the appearence automaticlly , and welding quality more reliable. 


The shape of both lamp are irregular, so its hard for manual mode to maintain dispensing quality.

Machine operation fully reach customer’s production needs and quality.